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ORRAVAN presentation by BBC Sport

  • Didier DROGBA, Pack "African Player of the year 2006"

    Didier is the very first who gave ORRAVAN credit for his Art, back in 2007.

    Here with his pack "African player of the year 2006", by OD.

    Thanks Didier for your help and trust in my Art, since the begining.

  • Pierre Emerick AUBAMEYANG, "Pack DBZ"

    Pierre-Emerick is always pushing fast forward in sport as well as life.

    There is no limit to dreams & creations with him. That's why I respect so much this man and I'm proud to be close to him since 2010.

  • Steve Mulholland _ SoleCollector

    Few people knows his man in 2023, but Steve is the creator & former boss of the famous SOLECOLLECTOR magazine (USA).

    In 2005/06, he also created the very first national sneaker competition with NIKE, the legendary "SOLECOLLECTOR x NIKETOWN competition".

    I had the chance to participate to it in Boston, where I won and to the big finals of the Event in Las Vegas 2006, where I finished 2nd (not american...)

    Without Steve trust in my Art and precious advices, there would be no ORRAVAN Artist today.

    Lifetime gratitude to you my Friend !

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